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Microsoft’s M12 venture capital arm is putting money into Wallaroo, a startup specialising in enterprise AI, to help the company take its business to the next level. The two companies have signed on for a strategic partnership that will give Wallaroo access to the resources and expertise Microsoft offers.

This move is expected to drive Wallaroo’s growth and expand the scope of its services.

Overview of Microsoft’s M12

Microsoft’s M12, formerly Microsoft Ventures, is a venture capital firm that provides companies with strategic investments, access to Microsoft technology and relationships in their global network. In addition, the firm’s team of experienced professionals provides portfolio companies with resources to help them succeed. M12 invests in early- and growth-stage companies across the tech industry, including enterprise software, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, machine learning (ML), cloud infrastructure, data and analytics.

M12 has been an active investor in Wallaroo Labs since 2017, when it provided the company with a seed round as part of its “OnCloud” initiative. Since then, it has continued to make strategic investments in the company and is helping Wallaroo Labs scale its business through its vast global network. Its support has allowed Wallaroo Labs to quickly expand into new markets and develop its technology platform.

The goal of Microsoft’s M12 is not only to provide strategically targeted investment capital but also access to valuable customers and reseller partners who can help it drive growth. It also looks for investment opportunities that will benefit from access to its powerful software products such as Office 365 and Azure and its experiential services focused on cloud infrastructure support. In addition, Microsoft’s extensive technology ecosystem opens up new channels for Wallaroo Labs’ platform offerings, enabling them to reach potential users faster.

Overview of Wallaroo

Wallaroo is an enterprise-focused software company with offices throughout the U.S. and Europe. It specialises in providing cloud software solutions that help customers accelerate their businesses by providing data and analytics solutions, integration services, and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. As a result, Wallaroo helps organisations reduce labour costs, improve customer service, manage complex supply chains and eventually create new products or services to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers.

The company aims to provide transformational technology solutions that revolutionise how organisations interact with customers and manage data across industries. Wallaroo works with clients in more than 30 countries around the world including Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, educational institutions, nonprofits and start-ups providing both customised cloud solutions as well as packaged software solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of its clients.

M12 recently invested $22 million into Wallaroo which will help the company further advance its global efforts in delivering leading-edge solutions for their clients’ technology innovation objectives. This strategic investment solidifies M12’s commitment to helping technology companies scale their businesses by providing capital investments and industry expertise, having worked with many successful ventures like Uber before moving towards supporting Wallaroo Technologies.

Microsoft’s M12 invests in Wallaroo, an enterprise AI startup

Microsoft’s venture capital arm, M12, recently announced their investment in Wallaroo, a startup focused on enterprise AI. This investment is part of M12’s ongoing goal of investing in early-stage businesses, and is a major milestone for Wallaroo and their mission to help businesses scale.

This section will provide an overview of M12’s investment, and how it will help Wallaroo reach its goals.

Amount of Investment

M12, Microsoft’s venture fund, recently announced a $17.5 million investment in Wallaroo Labs. This round of funding will help Wallaroo scale its business by continuing to accelerate product innovation and by driving the adoption of their streaming analytics platform.

Wallaroo, founded in 2016, develops software and systems to enable businesses to process large-scale data faster. This new investment will enable them to expand their product capabilities using the Microsoft cloud and infrastructure. The investment is also expected to help Wallaroo create new jobs as it grows its customer base across different industries and geographies.

This funding round follows a $15 million investment from M12 in 2017, which aimed to jump start Wallaroo’s growth into a “household name” in the streaming analytics market. The additional capital will be used for continued development of their technology offerings and for increasing customer support for its growing list of customers, including some of the world’s largest companies such as Comcast and Cisco Systems. This proven track record made it an attractive applicant for M12’s venture fund given its extensive industry experience and resources available at Microsoft Azure.

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Purpose of Investment

M12, the venture arm of Microsoft, has recently invested in Wallaroo Labs. This investment is intended to help Wallaroo Labs scale and expand its business, as well as help accelerate the use of its application-data scalability products worldwide.

Wallaroo Labs is an analytics company that offers products geared towards fast-moving businesses. These products allow users to quickly scale their applications and data pipelines with minimal effort, making it easier to build and integrate real-time streaming analytics, while also allowing customers to optimise resources on demand.

The investment from M12 will provide much-needed capital for Wallaroo Labs to continue developing its application-data scalability products. It will also enable the company to go global by investing in partnerships and expanding into new markets. With access to Microsoft’s resources and networks, Wallaroo labs can increase its presence significantly throughout the United States and abroad. In addition, M12’s financial support will aid in launching cutting-edge platforms designed for enterprise use cases that help organisations leverage fast moving data for their most time sensitive applications.

Through this partnership both companies hope to provide a greater reach and technological capabilities with public cloud providers so that customers can benefit from advanced scalability options using modern technology tailored specifically for data processing needs worldwide – now they’ll have more power than ever!

Benefits to Wallaroo

M12’s investment will help Wallaroo scale its business and expand its market reach. In addition, the financing will provide capital that can be utilised to support continued product innovation, customer acquisition, and global expansion.

With the additional resources, Wallaroo can further accelerate the development of its offering and increase the rate at which it can bring its products to market. In addition, M12’s experience scaling companies in different industries will help ensure Wallaroo takes full advantage of available opportunities.

The investment from M12 also allows Wallaroo access to a comprehensive network of connections that span different markets worldwide including investors, customers, industry leaders, talent, accelerators and more. This can open up numerous paths for Wallaroo to explore and grow within international markets.

Additionally, with better access to capital, Wallaroo will have increased flexibility when launching new initiatives or entering new markets. It’ll also enable the company to form strategic partnerships with other firms who have complementary products or services as part of an overall competitive advantage.

By bringing on M12 as an investor in its business expansion efforts, Wallaroo will benefit significantly from having greater financial resources which can be used for product advancement, customer growth and global expansion activities — all of which are essential for the company’s long-term success.

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Wallaroo’s Business

Wallaroo, an enterprise artificial intelligence startup, recently received a major investment from Microsoft’s M12 venture fund. This investment will help Wallaroo scale its operations as it embarks on its mission to make AI accessible to organisations of all sizes.

In this article, we will look at Wallaroo’s business model, what advantages this investment will bring to Wallaroo and how this investment will help the company scale its operations.

Overview of Wallaroo’s Business

Wallaroo is an enterprise software company that provides cloud-based solutions to help organisations achieve their eCommerce goals. In 2001, Wallaroo became a leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions and services for retailers, mobile phone carriers, and other businesses worldwide.

By releasing its flagship product, a cloud-based eCommerce platform designed for scaling quickly, Wallaroo has established itself as an innovator in optimising business productivity. With over 10 million active customers and millions of monthly transactions, Wallaroo’s platform offers intuitive eCommerce solutions to organisations of all sizes.

Wallaroo’s software also provides high security against fraud and data loss while protecting customers’ data with ISO 27001 certification. In addition, its proprietary algorithms can detect abnormal activity helping to prevent fraudulent activities without marking legitimate purchases as fraudulent.

With recent investment from venture capital firm M12 (formerly Microsoft Ventures), Wallaroo aims to scale its product portfolio to reach broader audiences with new features such as an advanced analytics dashboard and machine learning integration capabilities. Wallaroo also plans on leveraging this funding by expanding its team to offer eCommerce solutions beyond the retail industry.

Wallaroo’s Growth Strategy

Wallaroo’s growth strategy is centred around leveraging existing technologies, trends, and product offerings to capture a greater share of the worldwide apparel market. Our mission is to become a leading player in the global apparel industry by leveraging our unique experience and capabilities while ensuring financial strength and long-term success.

We are committed to offering innovative product designs, utilising advanced technology, accurate forecasting, efficient operating models and strategic partnerships with cities and other companies. To drive success in our growth strategy, we are implementing several steps such as:

1. Expanding our reach by entering new geographical markets through strategic partnerships;

2. Investing in research and development (R&D) initiatives to create new products that both meet customer needs and differentiate Wallaroo from its competitors;

3. Offering personalised customer experiences through digital platforms;

4. Strengthening our focus on sustainability – reducing emissions from production processes and promoting ethical labour standards;

5. Continuing to build on the innovations of existing operations by developing new manufacturing practices that deliver higher quality products at competitive costs; and

6. Creating an agile distribution network capable of responding quickly to demand fluctuations across market segments.

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Wallaroo’s Plans for the Future

Wallaroo’s plans for the future include:

  • Expanding their reach.
  • Focusing on customer acquisition strategies.
  • Developing a suite of new features for their product.

With the investment from M12, Wallaroo will be able to rapidly increase usage of its core product. In addition, this will provide a platform for increased user engagement and retention and better opportunity to acquire new customers.

Wallaroo also plans to use this capital to develop new features. These features will enable customers to do more with their data, automate processes, and increase synergies between other business applications – providing them with an end-to-end service that goes above and beyond what’s currently available.

Finally, Wallaroo seeks to enhance its sales channel strategies by testing new tactics such as influencer marketing, digital advertising campaigns and content syndication across multiple platforms. These tactics are designed to generate higher quality leads while providing Wallaroo with valuable insights into customer behaviour that can be used going forward.

By putting these plans in action with M12’s investments, Wallaroo is positioned for growth and sustained success in the future.

Impact of the Investment

Microsoft’s venture arm, M12, recently invested in Wallaroo, an enterprise AI startup, to help them scale their business. This investment is a significant milestone for the Wallaroo team and greatly boosts their goals.

Let’s look into more details about the investment, and understand its impact on Wallaroo’s future.

Benefits to Microsoft

Microsoft’s investment in Wallaroo is part of its commitment to empower industries to run on the edge capable of taking advantage of real-time data insights. Both companies see the potential for Wallaroo’s platform to benefit businesses and create relationships that power the future of cloud computing and streaming analytics.

One of the main benefits for Microsoft from the investment is access to Wallaroo’s unique streaming-computing technology. By leveraging Wallaroo’s advanced infrastructure and software engineering, Microsoft will be able to leverage its Azure platform and Azure Application Insights platform more efficiently to take advantage of near-real-time insights across their platforms and enhance their ability to create cloud applications tailored specifically towards customer needs.

In addition, Microsoft can better understand how real-time data analytics can benefit retail operations by working with Wallaroo. Other potential benefits include access to Wallaroo’s expertise in developing new technologies such as IoT-based streaming services and machine learning algorithms, deeply integrated into its core architecture – both key strengths which support WLS scalability capabilities. Ultimately, this partnership will help Microsoft further tap into customer insights essential for driving sales across cloud solutions used by enterprise decision-makers today.

Benefits to Wallaroo

Wallaroo welcomes the M12 transatlantic partnership as it offers numerous advantages to scale its business. This collaboration is essential to opening new market opportunities and developing innovative products. By leveraging Microsoft’s Azure technology and global partner network, Wallaroo can enable more customers worldwide to be empowered digitally in the era of Industry 4.0.

Specifically, this partnership will provide Wallaroo access to the Cloud for efficient product development and scalability into new markets. And with Microsoft’s Cognitive Services Solutions, Wallaroo may blend powerful machine learning capabilities with its technology, enabling customers to unlock unique insights from their data in real-time. Moreover, this collaboration will also aid in accelerating customer growth by taking advantage of the extensive partner network allowing post-sale service offerings worldwide.

Beyond these acquisitions and investments, M12 is also a strategic advisor that grants mentorship opportunities focused on successful go-to-market strategies and tapping into untapped markets that build potential for efficient expansion and rapid growth.

Ultimately, this alliance has benefited both parties as Wallaroo acquires access to a wide range of relevant leadership experiences and invaluable capital resources which combine with its existing suite of technologies ideally placed for success future proofing their business domain along several verticals in an agile manner.

Impact on the AI Industry

M12’s investment in Wallaroo Labs showcases the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) within the tech industry. In addition, this strategic move will fuel Wallaroo Labs’ mission to accelerate growth and increase market share.

Through this investment, Wallaroo Labs can significantly advance the AI industry. With access to additional resources, including capital and expertise, Wallaroo Labs can create more innovative AI solutions to address complex use cases across various industries, such as healthcare and finance.

In addition, this new financial injection may also help expand the breadth of products offered by Wallaroo Labs. For example, it may be possible for them to develop new features for existing offerings or create entirely new products to address untapped areas of need. As such, this could introduce new forms of competitive differentiation within the AI space and provide customers worldwide with better options for their specific requirements.

Ultimately, M12’s investment in Wallaroo Labs will pave the way for further development and evolution of AI technology and its applications in different industries. By investing in important companies like Wallaroo Labs, M12 is positioning itself as a leader in this space – something that could benefit all stakeholders for many years.


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