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Wallaroo, an MLOps platform for enterprises, has raised $25M in funding to help expand its platform.

Wallaroo is a leading MLOps platform that enables enterprises to easily and quickly deploy, manage, and scale its machine learning models and applications. This investment will provide Wallaroo with the resources to continue innovating and expanding its MLOps platform, enabling enterprises to maximise the potential of their machine learning models.

Overview of Wallaroo

Wallaroo is a data infrastructure and analytics company that provides real-time data streaming, event processing, and analytics-driven decision making to businesses worldwide. Founded in 2015, Wallaroo Labs has raised $25M in funding to develop its platform and accelerate its growth.

Wallaroos mission is to make it easier for businesses to build streaming data applications. To achieve this, Wallaroo provides a platform with an open-source framework and APIs for managing real-time data streams. Wallaroo also offers streaming analytics and machine learning for predictive insights.

Using Wallaroo’s technology, organisations can build complex applications that process hundreds of billions of events per second from distributed sources such as computer logs, transactions or IoT (Internet connected) devices. This enables analysts to quickly identify patterns, identify anomalies or derive insights about customer behaviour in real time for more accurate decision making.

Wallaroo also allows businesses to manage various types of data stream formats including CSV, JSON and XML from source technologies such as HBase or Cassandra with minimal effort while ensuring secure access control. This ensures only authorised users can access a company’s streaming data sources while providing a consolidated view across distributed systems without heavy investments into hardware or software infrastructure.

Ultimately, Wallaroo allows organisations to securely manage distributed data streams at scale to power their business decisions more effectively than ever before.

Overview of the funding round

Wallaroo, a cloud-native streaming platform created by the team behind Apache Pulsar, recently announced that it has raised $25 million in a Series B funding round. The financing was led by Vertex Ventures US, with participation from additional investors such as Engineering Capital and Ignition Partners.

The funds will be used to expand Wallaroo’s product portfolio and further build out its global infrastructure. In addition, Atul Mahamuni of Vertex Ventures US will join Wallaroo’s board of directors as part of the investment.

This funding follows an earlier $7 million Series A led by Atomic VC in 2018. The new capital reaffirms Wallaroo’s mission to make modern cloud-based data streams accessible for software developers worldwide through its certified solutions for Hyperbole, Apache Pulsar and its proprietary platform “Wallaroo Labs’ ‘.

Wallaroo Labs provides an advanced data processing platform which uses distributed multi-tenancy architecture to enable organisations to easily process various types of data across a wide range of disks with high throughput and low latency. Alongside core streaming capabilities such as Time-series Analysis, Machine Learning capabilities and Anomaly Detection Techniques, this technology enables companies to quickly take advantage of data insights at scale.

This provided technology is highly reliable as it helps organisations isolate failures while setting up or deploying their feature sets enabling them to enjoy higher levels of Velocity (data flow) Authority (ability to define rules on how they process their data) and Security when managing their infrastructure setup in the cloud or on premise solutions.

wallaroo nybased 25m m12wiggersventurebeat

Wallaroo, an MLOps platform for enterprises, raises $25M

Wallaroo, an MLOps platform for enterprises, has raised $25M in funding to help expand its platform. Wallaroo provides various services, from ML model management to deployment and governance. The platform is designed to enable enterprises to quickly and efficiently deploy and manage their ML models.

This funding will enable Wallaroo to further develop its platform and improve its services’ ease of use and scalability.

What is MLOps?

MLOps, or Machine Learning Operations, is an engineering practice in which companies apply DevOps principles to develop and deploy machine learning models. This is a rapidly emerging field in AI operations and automation. MLOps helps ensure new ML initiatives don’t fail because of poor performance or quality, while enabling teams to work quickly and collaboratively on building better models.

Wallaroo’s platform enables the successful implementation of MLOps strategies by simplifying model deployments and providing deeper insights into model performance. Their platform streamlines tasks such as model validation, deployment and monitoring. It also provides powerful tools for testing, debugging, and intelligent retraining capabilities that allow AI teams to stay ahead of rapidly changing data environment changes. Wallaroo also has a range of integrations with popular DevOps ecosystems, making it easier for teams to move from idea to production quickly and with greater confidence.

How does Wallaroo’s platform help enterprises?

Wallaroo’s platform helps enterprises to develop applications that can process increasingly larger amounts of data in real-time. This platform is designed with scalability, reliability, and performance, considering that data may come at various speeds and types.

By utilising Wallaroo’s platform, enterprises can manage large data streams quickly by utilising the power of distributed processing. In addition, the platform offers robust stream processing capabilities such as data combining, filtering, manipulating, and streaming management features such as checkpointing and replay functionality.

The Wallaroo platform also provides analytics support for near real time reporting and dashboard generation, enabling enterprises to gain insights faster than traditional methods. Additionally, Wallaroo’s platform can help increase scalability compared to legacy solutions due to its ability to leverage Kubernetes platforms which provide automation for resource provisioning and deployment of the applications. This makes it easier for enterprises to move from development into production within a short period of time.

Overall, Wallaroo’s Platform is designed to simplify enterprise stream processing while delivering better performance than traditional solutions, including Hadoop or Storm clusters. As a result, it allows businesses to get the most out of their datasets at a reduced cost to gain valuable insights and drive innovation faster than before.

nybased 25m series m12wiggersventurebeat


Wallaroo, an MLOps platform for enterprises, had no shortage of investors willing to back their successful platform. With $25M in funding, Wallaroo’s investors are allocated an ownership percentage of the company and the right to benefit from future profits.

Let’s explore these investors and what this means for Wallaroo.

Who are the investors in the funding round?

Wallaroo, a streaming data platform, has recently secured $25M in an investment round led by Insight Partners. Other investors included existing investor Amplify Partners, as well as Overcast Ventures and certain unnamed funds.

The funding will be used to continue building out Wallaroo’s data processing platform, which simplifies and optimises the entire development cycle of streaming applications. It is designed to handle data aggregations and other real-time computations quickly, accurately, and with low latency—improving speed to market while helping contain cost and reduce risk associated with digital growth initiatives.

With this round of funding Wallaroo will be able to expand its presence globally into additional regions such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and Israel amongst others. This will also enable the company to begin offering enterprise solutions for customers requiring large scale implementations in addition to their existing suite of cloud tools for small teams and startups.

Wallaroo expects this new round of funding will facilitate rapid international adoption of their streaming data platform along with a deepening of their existing customer relationships worldwide.

What are the investors’ plans for Wallaroo?

Wallaroo, a cloud-native stream processing platform, has secured $25 million in Series A funding led by benchmark and NEA. The investment will further expand the Wallaroo platform and develop new user capabilities.

The investment team consists of Benchmark’s Peter Fenton and NEA’s Jon Sakoda, along with additional investors from operating partner affiliations such as General Catalyst, Data Collective VC, Amplify Partners, Redpoint Ventures and Transmedia Capital. These strategic investors aim to help Wallaroo grow its customer base while accelerating product development to meet increasing data processing needs.

Wallaroo’s platform enables companies to process data more quickly than traditional methods such as batch processing or message queues. In addition, its user-friendly interface allows customers to deploy a completely serverless architecture that can be monitored in real-time with minimal effort. The latest funding will allow Wallaroo to enhance the scalability and elasticity of its platform while launching new features tailored towards enterprise customers. This includes support for major clouds like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS), which will provide companies with greater flexibility compared to other stream processing solutions today.

The investor consortium aims to leverage deep industry experience in helping Wallaroo achieve its goals of providing an efficient and functional solution for enterprises looking for quick turnaround times on complex data flows without sacrificing reliability or quality of service. In addition, the capital injection will aid in further expansion efforts into international markets and help fuel product innovation through expert guidance from strategic partners at NEA and Benchmark Capital.


Wallaroo has raised $25M in funding to help expand its MLOps platform for enterprises. The funding round was co-led by Zetta Ventures and Lux Capital and was joined by several other investors.

Wallaroo says its platform enables enterprises to quickly and easily build, deploy, and monitor ML models without relying on DevOps resources or expertise. The new funds will help the company expand its reach to more businesses.

How will Wallaroo use the funding?

The fresh capital will help Wallaroo Labs extend its range of offerings in streaming data processing and increase its presence in several markets. Wallaroo has developed a streaming-data platform to address the challenges of real-time analytics, which many businesses and organisations face due to the ever-increasing complexity and scale of their streaming data.

The main purpose of the new funding is to invest in scaling the company’s product and engineering teams and drive expansion into new markets in Europe and Asia. In addition, Wallaroo Labs is looking for ways to make streaming data analysis more accessible for its customers, enabling faster testing and deployment with advanced features.

With the newly acquired funds, Wallaroo Labs plans to grow its existing product line by introducing more sophisticated services such as metrics visualisation, complex event detection and anomaly detection. The company also intends to explore potential partnerships with other providers that can expand their portfolio of services and further improve their ability to address customers’ needs. Finally, Wallaroo is expected to invest heavily in sales operations across different regions to bring their technology closer to end users.

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What new products and services will Wallaroo offer?

Wallaroo Labs is the developer of an innovative big data platform for stream processing and applications. Recently, the company announced that it had raised $25 million in funding to help it expand its product offerings. This investment is expected to support growth in customer base, further strengthen engineering operations and enhance its portfolio of products and services.

With this new funding round, Wallaroo is poised to open up more opportunities for businesses to benefit from accelerated streaming performance by providing more sophisticated analytics technologies on top of their products. Some of the new product and services Wallaroo plans to offer include:

-Real-time applications: Wallaroo will continue expanding its capabilities in real-time applications by introducing a plugin architecture, allowing customers with wide-ranging styles and technical backgrounds access to up-to-date data streams through a common interface option.

-Data enrichment pipelines: The new set of Data Enrichment tools allow customers to package their data into customizable pipelines, which can be used as building blocks within their streaming architectures. This enables customers to enrich their data with meaningful insight per business basis and make faster decisions.

-AI technologies: AI technologies rapidly change how businesses subscribe and process data streams for optimal outcomes. Wallaroo will provide customers access to preconfigured AI capabilities such as Machine Learning algorithms for potential opportunities compared against operational workloads.

Wallaroo Labs seeks to make streaming technology simpler but more powerful by enabling companies from all industries greater flexibility when transforming massive amounts of incoming data while protecting against unbounded concentration risk factors like latency, cost efficiency, scalability, robustness, accuracy, usability as well as warehousing overhead costs incurred today in almost every type of organisation both large or small right at its source origin —the edge.


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