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A smartwatch is a great accessory for any tech savvy individual who wants to stay connected and organised. With a smartwatch, you can monitor your activity, call, message, and even control your music. But with so many options, picking the right smartwatch can be difficult.

In this article, we’ll review what to look for while shopping for a smartwatch. So let’s dive in and explore what to look for in the best smartwatches.

Definition of a Smartwatch

A smartwatch is a type of wearable technology that can perform many of the same tasks as a smartphone or tablet, but on a smaller scale. Smartwatches usually have touchscreens, allowing users to access and interact with their digital content without using a separate device. For example, they can be used to check email, make calls, play music, view maps and other apps. Smartwatches can also track fitness activity such as heart rate, steps taken and calories burned.

Because there are so many smartwatch options on the market today, it’s important to do your research before purchasing. Consider the following when shopping for your ideal smartwatch: battery life, compatibility with other devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets), display size and resolution (for viewing content), water resistance (for wet weather or sports activities) and customizability for personalization. Budget is also important since features vary among different models and prices range from affordable entry-level styles to high-end luxury models that cost several hundred dollars or more.

The Best Smartwatches

From fitness tracking to notifications, smartwatches have become one of the most sought-after pieces of technology. However, when shopping for the best smartwatch, there are a few features that you should be aware of. Knowing the available features and benefits will ensure you make the best purchase for your needs.

Read on to learn what features to look for in smartwatches.

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Battery Life

Battery life is a key factor when looking for a new smartwatch. Many smartwatches offer full-day battery life or more, however, some models may offer fewer hours of use per charge. It is also important to note that the power consumption will vary based on your usage, since specs are often estimated under ideal conditions.

Choose a watch with at least two days of battery life so you don’t have to worry about recharging it daily. You can also look for options with an Eco-mode feature that extends the battery power by lowering brightness and turning off unnecessary features when not in use.

Operating System

When choosing a smartwatch, one of the features to consider is its operating system. Many leading watch manufacturers are developing their proprietary operating systems tailored to the features and capabilities available on a smartwatch. These include Google’s Wear OS, Samsung’s Tizen OS, and FitbitOS. One of the primary differences between them is in compatibility with other devices. For example, certain limitations are associated with smartwatches designed for Apple products, such as iPhones, which these other systems will not accommodate.

In addition to compatibility considerations, each operating system will offer different user experiences with its own set of watches and apps available for download tailored to specific tasks or activities. Different levels of integration personalization may also be possible depending on the manufacturer’s chosen operating system. Understanding the type of customization offered can help you choose a device that can support your desired option as some platforms may only offer limited user preference choices.

Understanding battery life and charging methods is also important to ensuring a user’s satisfaction with their purchase over time.


The watch’s display is important for viewing the time, notifications, and messages. Currently, there are two types of displays commonly seen with smartwatches — LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode). Although OLED displays are currently more popular among smartwatches due to their sharper resolution and deeper colours, it’s important to consider both display types when choosing a new timepiece.

When considering LCD displays, opt for ones that include adjustable brightness and anti-glare coating so you can control comfort even in bright outdoor settings. Additionally, many current LCD’s come equipped with an ambient backlight, making it easier to read in any lighting condition.

OLED displays offer a more visually immersive experience due to their larger range of dynamic colours and sharper resolutions. With OLED starting from scratch each time it refreshes its display, one big benefit is its improved battery saving potential. In addition, some very advanced features like powered touch sensors require less power than traditional touchscreens for the same user experience. When opting for an OLED display, make sure you consider how often you will be using the device and additional features such as water-resistance that directly affects battery life in addition to other considerations like your budget and aesthetics preferences.


When it comes to smartwatches, the most important factor is connectivity. Smartwatches typically connect with a smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, giving users access to their phone’s features, such as notifications and app functionality. Many also allow voice control via a virtual assistant like Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri. Some of the more advanced smartwatches even come equipped with GPS and mobile data plans that allow them to access the internet without being connected to your phone.

It’s also important to consider your device type since many of the watches have specific compatibility requirements. For example, an Apple watch is only compatible with iPhones, while Android Wear is made for Android phones and Windows Mobile for Windows phones.

When choosing a smartwatch, look for other useful features such as swim tracking and heart rate monitoring. Additionally, you want to make sure the battery life on your watch can last long enough to make it through your day so you can quickly check notifications on your wrist, or use any other features available on your device. Lastly, ensure compatibility with any existing hardware/wearables you might already own so you can seamlessly sync all data in one location or platform.

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Water Resistance

Regarding smartwatch shopping, water resistance should be at the top of your list of features. Most smartwatches are designed to keep your device safe during light exposure to water and usually feature an IP rating. The IP code stands for Ingress Protection, a rating system used to measure the degree of protection against dust and liquid given by electronic equipment housing.

The higher the IP rating, the more waterproof a product is, with common ratings ranging from IP1-IP8. Generally, a product labelled “water-resistant” will have an IP rating of up 5 at most and may only be safe for short term exposure in shallow water. To ensure you don’t accidentally damage your watch if you take it swimming or snorkelling, you should look for one that offers an IP rating of 6 or 7—guaranteeing protection against both dust and temporary submersion in water up to three feet deep.

When choosing a smartwatch with water resistance; consider what activities you plan on doing with it to find one that meets your needs.

Fitness Tracking

Smartwatches are a handy accessory to track more than just time – they can also track your fitness level and other vital health metrics. To receive the most benefit from wearables technology, it is important to determine what type of fitness tracking features you want or need. For example, some smartwatches provide basic step-counting and distance tracking, while others are designed to measure more advanced metrics like heart rate or calorie burn. It’s also important to consider battery life — if you’re an avid runner, look for one that offers weeks of battery life and several specialty software features geared toward athletes.

The most essential feature in smartwatch fitness tracking is the pedometer, which tracks your footsteps and calculates the distance travelled — useful for running or walking exercises. This feature allows you to monitor your daily activity levels, including total time spent active, calories burned and steps taken per day/week/month. In addition, the more advanced versions of this feature monitor sleep cycles, allowing users to track night-time resting patterns and day-time activities.

Another important athlete tracking tool is the built-in GPS (Global Positioning System). This allows runners or swimmers to record their speed and location data in real time, with mapping tools visualising their journey route directly on the watch’s display. Smartwatches with built-in heart rate monitors are ideal for serious exercisers and outdoor adventurers who need constant heart rate measurements — especially during HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts that must be monitored closely to maximise results within a designated time frame.

Finally, some sports watches contain other sensors such as barometers that measure pressure differences to detect altitude changes. Barometric pressure readings like storm fronts moving in during outdoor activities like hiking trips can provide relevant safety information such as potential inclement weather warnings. With so many options available today, it’s best to know what useful information each feature provides before investing in a wearable device. Hence, you get the maximum benefit from all its features.

Popular Smartwatch Brands

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular and there are many different brands to choose from. Depending on your preferences, some brands will be better suited than others. Popular smartwatch brands include Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, Garmin and Fossil.

Let’s take a look at what makes these brands stand out.

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Apple is one of the most popular brands in the smartwatch market. Launched in 2015, Apple Watch quickly became the leading smartwatch in the world and with its fourth version, it has become even more powerful. With its unique design, intuitive user interface and comprehensive range of features it is perfect for various lifestyles and users.

Apple Watch uses an exclusive operating system – watchOS – which offers users more than ever. It lets you access apps directly from your wrist, use Apple Pay to make payments securely on the go, and monitor your health & fitness activities. You can also receive phone notifications from apps like WhatsApp, Get notifications on missed calls & receive emails directly to your wrist.

The Apple Watch also doesn’t compromise on style with sleek design options for both men and women available in stainless steel, ceramic & titanium finishes with interchangeable straps to match any look seamlessly. With appealing features and a stylish exterior, it’s no surprise that Apple watches remain a fan favourite.


Fitbit is a leading provider of connected health and fitness solutions. Its range of smartwatches includes technology such as connected GPS, on-screen workouts, sleep tracking, heart-rate monitoring, and notification capabilities. In addition, smartwatches from Fitbit are designed to be stylish, comfortable to wear, and have long-lasting battery life.

Fitbit watches offer many fitness trackers to help you reach your goals with real-time feedback and personalised guidance. The latest Fitbit watches provide detailed health metrics and reminders to stay active throughout the day. With its exclusive designs and great features like waterproofing up to 50 metres and useful notifications for calls, texts & more, Fitbit provides a great selection for those looking for a top smartwatch brand.


Garmin is the world’s largest producer of GPS navigation systems, smartwatches and activity trackers. With a powerful combination of features and stylish designs, Garmin smartwatches will satisfy any tech-savvy individual seeking to stay connected while staying active. With advanced mapping capabilities, Heart Rate Monitors and VO2max trackers, Garmin devices provide full market coverage from entry-level models to advanced wearables.

Common features include:

  • Step counter: Track your steps throughout the day
  • Sleep monitor: Monitor the amount of restful sleep you are getting
  • Activity tracking: Track your activities such as running or cycling
  • Dedicated GPS stations: Receive detailed maps, location services and directions anywhere you go
  • Altimeter and barometer: Keep an eye on temperature changes for safety during outdoor excursions
  • Music control for paired Bluetooth devices
  • Smartphone notifications

Garmin also offers several models with swim-proof designs, allowing access to all the underwater features. Moreover, Garmin offers exceptional battery life depending on models ranging from a few days to weeks. Check out their website for a full list of product specs and user reviews before deciding which model works best for you!


Samsung remains one of the most popular smartwatch brands in the world. Its watches come in sporty and luxury varieties, making them ideal for many users. With features like GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity, Samsung smartwatches offer something for everyone.

The Samsung Gear S3 Classic is a great example of its products. It has advanced features like stress tracking, automatic activity recognition, integrated heart rate monitoring and more. The Gear S3 also offers excellent battery life compared to other brands.

Another good option from Samsung is the Galaxy Watch Active2 with built-in LTE connectivity. This watch is great for outdoor adventurers who need to stay connected without their phone because it lets them make and receive calls directly from their wrist. In addition, it has algorithms that track stress levels and advanced sleep cycle tracking technology to help users get better quality rest at night.

Price Range

When searching for the best smartwatches, one of the first things you should consider is your price range. Smartwatches come in all shapes, sizes, and price points, so having an idea of what you are willing to spend can help narrow your search.

There are some great budget options and high-end luxury smartwatches, so it is important to consider your personal needs.

Budget Smartwatches

You don’t always get the best care and attention regarding budget smartwatches. Finding a good quality smartwatch for a low price can often be difficult, as budget models are frequently missing some important features. However, many affordable options can provide the necessary features to meet your needs.

The main points to consider when searching for a budget watch include display size, battery life, waterproof capabilities, level of activity tracking accuracy, and if it supports multiple operating systems.

Budget-friendly watches typically have smaller displays ranging from 1”-1.5” in size; however these screens can still offer good resolutions and colour reception. Battery life is also important when shopping for a moderate priced watch — mid-range models boast anywhere from six to twelve days’ worth of charge per full discharge. In addition, many mid-priced watches are water resistant up to 5 ATM; this means they can survive depths up to 50 metres without risk of water damage.

Activity tracking accuracy will vary depending on the type of activity tracker built into the watch; more costly devices feature more accurate sensors and functions that help keep track of stride length during walks or strides per minute during runs. Furthermore, budget watches usually only support one operating system such as iOS or Android Wear respectively — check carefully before purchasing!

Mid-Range Smartwatches

Mid-range smartwatches offer a good combination of features, battery life and quality at an affordable price. These smartwatches are designed for those needing a reliable, durable, feature-packed device without breaking the bank. The most popular mid-range smartwatches offer a range of fitness tracking tools such as step count, calorie burning and heart rate monitoring. In addition, depending on the manufacturer, they may include features such as NFC payment support, GPS navigation and music playback.

Many mid-range smart watches come with stylish watch bands ranging from sporty to classic designs. In addition, they may feature waterproof shells with anti-scratch coatings that allow long-term use indoors or outdoors. Most mid-range models also come with interchangeable straps to provide further personalization options for those looking for something more suited to their tastes and lifestyle needs.

The cost of these models varies depending on their features, but typically range from $200 to $400 making them an ideal choice for those looking for something more than a basic fitness tracker or feature phone at an affordable price point. Popular models include Apple Watch SE ($279), Fitbit Versa 3 ($229), Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 ($399) and Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro ($299).

High-End Smartwatches

When it comes to smartwatches, there are several common features and functionality regardless of price. However, the technology is advancing so rapidly that the best value might not come in the more expensive models. High-end smartwatches offer more features, usually made of better materials, and have a refined look compared to more budget-minded devices.

At the upper end of this scale are luxury devices that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Suppose you’re willing to pay a premium price tag. In that case, many high-end smartwatches come with bells and whistles from simple voice commands to virtual personal assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Now. You can also expect longer battery life, detailed heart rate tracking and larger displays on these models. Some feature built-in GPS tracking for location-based awareness and support for wireless charging.

High-end smartwatch brands like Apple, Fossil, Samsung and Huawei offer models with superior build quality and accessorization options such as bands made from different materials like leather or rubber for a custom look and feel. So whether you’re looking for style, substance or a combination of both, higher end smartwatches offer an impressive range of technology packed into a device that often fits right in with any wardrobe.


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